Been Too Long In Transit
Sunday morning and I'm leaving town. I'm taking the long way to heaven,
ain't nobody knows it better than me. I spent six long months dejected
getting pleased in every town. But, honey please IS in the asking so I'm
asking you to "Honey, please don't." you see I been too long in transit,
and I'll be damned here I'm at it again. When I was young as a spring pea
I threw fire from my eyes. And the heat pulsed through me down my neck
into my finger nails. All the young men felt older in their knee high dark
stockings. It was piano bars, and movie stars, and tall men tuckered in
tails. But just as sure as the light that shines on this train, I never
once had the style to stay on, but sometimes around. All you braless,
fresh cut blossoms I will show you the trail. Check the savvy that your
Mammy got up on the top of the hill. Be cool, be coy, be gentle, and be
free with yourselves and leave the brown nosing, jug toting, slow float to
somebody else. You see I been too long in transit not to know how to get
it, and when to get off.