Take My Chances With The Wind
It was Tuesday morning, or Saturday night, the city streets were steaming
and the road looked right for traveling far away. Well, the first day was
clear and I felt like Magellan, I woke the next day and I fastened my
smile on. But the sky turned grey like a cyclone storming at the shore.
And it was hold on, so long, say goodbye, it'll be all right to the things
that were taken by the wind. It was split this town, it was alley sounds,
it was ashcan kids again. While everybody was scratching for uptown, back
of the bus, leaving the losing to us. The driver turned 'round and said,
"Hey buddy, what's the fuss. How can you lose what you did not bring." I
said, "I'm in a daze, this bus ain't going my way, just let me out and
I'll take my chances with the wind." We drove four days to find the keeper
of the cards. We were hung like condemned men as we traversed the planet's
scars. Bedazzled and bedazzed by the mistress of the mountains and the
streams. Through the snowfall and the ice there came the queen of them who
are and with her scepter she upset the spell the blackened mistress
called. Then came the winds behind us full of summer, and the brightness
of the day.