Sept 21 screening of "For The Sake of the Song" on HoustonPBS Vince performs "The Fair" HPBS
For a premium, all the artists signed a Tele HPBS An interview during the pledge drive HPBS
With Lyle Lovett at HoustonPBS Everyone joins Lyle for "Closing Time" HPBS
Drawing by Sarah Stein At the 12 Bar Club in London. England
With Wrecks Bell at the Old Quarter, Galveston, Texas With Catfish Hodge and Jaime Michaels
Photo by Tom Mauter
Photo by Cam King Drawing In The Dark, by Elizabeth Day at the Saxon Pub, Austin
The World Premiere of For The Sake of the Song
At The Bottom Line, New York City
With Geoff Muldaur and Bob Neuwirth in Austin, Texas Inside Cover of Recado Photo by Jamie Hart
The FlatLINErs at Kerrville: Eric Taylor, Steven Fromholz and Vince Photo by Tom Mauter
Cate models her Christmas presents Cypress Creek Cafe, Wimberley, Texas
The Greys in Bristol, England
Cartoon by SAM-U-L, Sam Richardson
The Mesquite V2 made by With Bob Neuwirth and Mickey Raphael, recording Phoenix. Photo by Tom Erikson
Recording Phoenix. Photo by Tom Erikson Vince, Anderson Fair, 2012 (full size)