All Through My Days

You were ruled by the southern sky.
It made you trade
your world for another style.
The way you slipped
through the streets of my city,
you were a melody.
You're a one time part wife
with those first time
young girl eyes,
and you've been mesmerized.
There's no good place
for your heart to hide.
All through my days,
all over my nights,
I never dreamed it could be so simple.
Young Mandy came in the afternoon.
Took me down so low
that I could not croon.
Then again, I never
felt I needed to.
You are delight in my eyes.
You are the blue in my skies.
And I have been mesmerized.
There's no good place for this heart to hide.
REFRAIN (All through...)
Dream on true with your fairy tale.
It might last till tomorrow
but you never can tell.
One love could last forever.
Don't be ashamed to play this game.
Follow up your heart when he calls your name.
Because he's calling out to you,
you know every word is true.
REFRAIN  (All through...)