A Little Poetry

A little poetry is dangerous.
Keep your eyes up in the sky.
Keep at it ’til the cavalry has arrived.
There’s not a very lot of us,
But then there never was.

Rolling through the world like a tumbleweed;
Last few pennies of a dusty bottle of wine.
This was the place for me,
No better place indeed.
One day you’ll come to see. One day I will be done.

Do you believe what you dream? If you don’t have dreams then you’ll never have to worry
About them coming true.
But, you won’t have anything to look forward to
If you leave your dreams behind.

The truth is just a point of view, everybody’s got one.
Optimism is courage in the face of the colossal.
Tomorrows are from yesterday’s tears — don’t be shy to shed them.
Life itself is only a temporary solution.
The enthusiasm that you summon is an aphrodisiac.