Game Of Chances

Neon glowing, some carnival midway.
Following shapes and faces
time stood... still.
So in love he wants her,
arrow struck beside her,
here at the game of chances
deep in your heart.
Angus, the singing strongman
shoulders a three headed cow.
Colored balloons dance like her
up in the air.
Figures of screen fatimas,
alone in the tunnel of love.
Drawing to inside straights
deep in your heart.
Off in her eyes in a total dream.
The wizard of odds
courts the carnival girl.
Silhouettes on a cane porch swing.
"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas,
little buddy, anymore."
Shift changes six a.m.,
daybreak all over again.
Anyone sees that fox tell her
don't let me down.
Galley help filing in,
sailboat shop flags in the wind.
Adrift on the asphalt car lot
deep in your heart.