Living on whites and pale moonlight
waiting for the second show.
If it wasn't for dreams I wouldn't even be here.
Believe me babe I'm a lover of the beat here.
It’s good to know I have you to lean on.
To the rhythm of the highs and lows
another woman left me that's the way it goes.
It’s in everything I read.  Most of what I sing.
Crater at the hall, it wouldn't mean a thing.
You shook me like a storm and turned into my rainbow.
Slowly goes the motion,
when you rock me and it seems
there's no more slowly motion
than the one you bring, let the telephone ring,
come and roll me slow.
Between the country and the rock and roll,
there's a place I must go.  It's a tough row to hoe,
it’s blistering cold, the lights go low
and a story gets told, your eyes close slowly
telling me you understand.
The fire inside that won’t grow cold
smolders so.  All the same,
as if it could be changed,
meet you in the rain, wash away the strain,
wait for the clouds to part to see my rainbow.
REFRAIN (Slowly goes the motion...)