Sun & Moon & Stars

The sun and moon and stars
make the wind blow.
Took me twenty years
to understand.
Lost to me is how the lives
of friends go.
Like autumn leaves
in Oklahoma wind.
It made me strong,
to be on my own.
It never did me no harm,
to live all alone.
But, now and then
in the color of the evening,
drunken in a bar room,
with the fan turning,
I come to miss a few.
This afternoon was cloudy
and the rains came.
Third day of my first stay,
San Miguel.
Seems lately as I'm doubling
as storm bait,
been followed like a shadow
since the Dells.
REFRAIN  (It made me...)
Dear friendships and relations
see what I have done.
I gathered all my fingers in one place.
They breathe a breath
that's deathly stale
since they tooled a song for me.
Guess mechanics never really set the pace.