The Beast

To bring the beast back to life
you pull the stake from his heart.
He wakes up vicious and mean
waits for the killing to start.
Like a bird of prey
in leather and steel,
he sets a vigil to stalk
those who would make him a meal.
How many souls did you chain tonight,
to how many walls that hide the sky?
How many hopes were razed because of you?
He rides his metal and wheels
straight through the heart of the night.
Grinding his temper to hone
the sharpest blade he can find.
He cuts with merciless skill
the toughest feeling inside,
leaves it bare to the air
because there's no place to hide.
REFRAIN  (How many...)
Survivors number a few,
but seldom do come around.
They wear the scars on their face
from doing battle in town.
You might suspect they would steal
to someplace where it's safe,
Instead they go see the beast
to throw some scrap in the cage.