The Fair

Stopped by
to say hello
to someone I used to know.
Didn't have the change
to call,
took the liberty
to drop on by...
So, through some strangers'
kitchen screen,
the same old neighborhood.
Yesterdays follow me
up and down
familiar streets
in my heart.
Big buildings
scrape the sky,
recalling you and I
when I look at them, now.
On the bayou
winding downtown,
memories drift by.
We lived well,
didn't we?
Bicycle royalty,
poor as mice,
but we owned
this town.
We called the shots,
made the rules,
spaghetti bars
were our music schools.
But, there's no one
left to tell.
The faces
have all changed
from the bad old days.
Bad old days.
Bad old days.