Where The Late Night Crowd Is Led

Circus lies asleep
beneath the big top.
Factories in the town
have gone to bed.
Freak show down
at the motor bank is over.
Fingers and the faculties are fed.
It's a small town,
it's the lights of New York City,
on the rivers and their eddies,
where the late night crowd is led.
Night club lights,
and the ritual rights
at the boogie bars,
leave you sometimes cool
but most times less amused.
With a nickle spot,
you can lose a lot
of that green denero,
you get low in the hole
and no down card.
REFRAIN  (It's a small...)
As the soldiers of the underground
take partners,
with morning close about
and in the breeze.
Preachers stir,
the loon begins her singing.
And, like sisters,
the subways and the silos wake again.