Woman Of The Phoenix

I've listened
to the words you lovers speak,
the sounds of the lovers' song.
And I've dreamed
all the dreams that the wayward son dreams
in a thousand places gone.
Dallas was my late night out
and Ratcliff served to roust me out.
Houston lay like Cleveland
with the color removed.
All I ever wanted
was to wander and to woo
a woman of the phoenix,
a welcome Waterloo.
I've seen the sun
blaze the breasts of the country side.
I've seen her huddled
in a winter freeze.
And I've run 'cross paths
of a thousand lives,
among the cactus and white birch trees.
Avlock ran a waterfront bar,
Vito was the king of thieves,
and Michael was a rock and roll hood
from the Odessa plains.
All of them were my kind,
wild and damned near free,
but a woman of the phoenix
is the medicine for me.