One rainy day in New York I came out of the subway at Spring Street to meet Bob Neuwirth at his studio. We had talked a lot of music over the years since he had produced my first recording, “Phoenix.” Today he talked about a new record, something different, not just three verses and a refrain, but spoken word, jazz, improv, sounds. I went back to the Sangres and wrote. From 40 years of journals came the “Empire Of Storms,” 120 prose poems. Instead of riding some inspiring musical trifle that constrained words to what would fit, I wrote the words…first.


We recorded at Dubway Studio in NYC. The control room window looked out over Robert Dick with his Contrabass Flute, and Valerie Naranjo with her Gyli. There was Ratzo Harris at the String Bass, David Mansfield on everything that otherwise had strings on it. There was Pedro Cortes on Flamenco guitar, Satoshi Takeishi on drums, Rob Schwimmer on theremin, continuum and grand piano, Laura Cantrell on vocals, and from Paris, Renaud Pion on reeds. I had "Empire Of Storms” and no guitar. I could see Bob in the middle of the orchestra chamber filled with players. He would point to these few then those, “PLAY!” and then turn to me, “READ!” Or I would start reading, and the musicians would follow. Unlike a usual ‘hearsed and rehearsed recording: no one got told what to play, not a note. The ultimate challenge, maybe as free as we writers and musicians will ever be.




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Where the Wind Sleeps

The Snake


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Sun & Moon & Stars

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